Account Aggregation, Portfolio Analytics and Client Reporting Platform

For Family Offices and Wealth Managers

Client portfolio data management and client report generation is a core yet traditionally resource heavy, time consuming and costly operations for Family Offices and Wealth Managers. Canopy takes out the pain, drastically reduces the cost and impressively improves the quality of outputs of your client data and reports.

From PDF
or any data source

Be your clients’ most trusted advisor with better data, insight and communication.

and Secure

Canopy processes client portfolio data anonymously without client personally identifiable information.

Complete Data
Rigorous Reconciliation

Completeness and accuracy of portfolio data ensured by capturing and reconciling all transaction, holdings and cash data.

Powerful Analytics
Rich Visualization

Help your clients make sense of their whole wealth with the Canopy Visualizer, run deep portfolio analysis with Canopy Analytics

Report Generation

Create scheduled and on-demand client reports with fully customizable contents and formats.

Fast and Cost Effective

Just upload your clients’ PDF statements, and Canopy takes care of the rest. Flat platform pricing available.

Canopy Platform

Canopy is a cloud software and a service platform that simplifies client portfolio data entry, processing, reconciliation, analysis and report generation for Family Offices and Wealth Managers.

Aggregate data from all banks, all assets, anonymously

Help your clients make sense of their data

View and manage all your clients in one place

Analyse your clients’ portfolios and behaviors

Generate customized reports on demand

Deliver engaging portfolio insights and alerts via trackable emails

Rapid prototyping of client needs, driving new features and functions

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Singapore Business Review March 2016 | Singapore's Hottest Startups #1 Mesitis | Canopy